Central Georgia Joint Development Authority



1981 O.C.G.A 36-62-5.1 allows the creation of multi-jurisdictional development authorities.
1995 The County Commissioners of Bibb and Twiggs counties form the Bibb-Twiggs Development Authority for the purpose of job creation, encouraging economic growth, and improving the availability of regional opportunities for member counties.
1999 Monroe County becomes a member of the Development Authority.
2001 The Development Authority of Bibb, Twiggs and Monroe Counties was renamed the Central Georgia Joint Development Authority (CGJDA).
  Jones County joins CGJDA.
2006 CGJDA receives a grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) to address encroachment.
2010 Houston County joins CGJDA.
  Crawford County joins CGJDA.
2012 Peach County joins CGJDA.
  Bibb County, Houston County, and Peach County enter into an intergovernmental agreement committing funds to the encroachment project.
2015 Baldwin County joins CGJDA.
2016 Wilkinson County joins CGJDA.
  Pulaski County joins CGJDA.
2017 Putnam County joins CGJDA.