Central Georgia Joint Development Authority

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is purchasing the property?
What do these easements restrict?
If the owner decides to sell, who pays closing costs?
Has the Federal Government invested in this project?
Will encroachment cause the closure of Robins Air Force Base?
How did the recent Bibb County Revaluation impact the project?
Who is the Central Georgia Joint Development Authority (CGJDA)?
How long do I have to move from the property, once I decide to sell?
When will you begin purchasing properties in the 70-74 decibel area?
How does this effort to purchase property differ from the effort in 1995?
What is the Macon Bibb-County Chamber of Commerce’s role in this process?
How are Bibb and Houston Counties involved if CGJDA is purchasing the property?
Do you really believe there will be another BRAC and that RAFB is in any kind of danger?
What is the cost to purchase the property needed–is there enough funding to meet this goal?
Why should I not hold on to my property and wait until it is zoned Commercial or Industrial? Would it be worth more to me?
What will happen to the property owners who do not sell? Will their land be condemned? Will they eventually be forced to move?
At one time you said that Accident Potential Zone (APZ) 1 & 2 would be your first priority; then you changed and said that first priority would be given to the two highest noise decibel areas. Why did this change? Has it changed again?
What happened to the life estate option, where I could stay in my home if I had a limited life expectancy? Is that still available? If not, why not?
Who is your appraiser, and if I do not like the appraisal, may I get one of my own? If I do that, and it comes back higher, will you pay me the higher price?
Will you try to re-zone the property while we still live in our homes that are zoned Residential or Agricultural? If so, what zoning will you seek, and why?
Will agricultural land, without buildings, be allowed to continue raising farm products, i.e. corn, strawberries, peanuts, hay? Will there be any restrictions on agricultural use?